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Planet earth has gifted us many beautiful places to visit on holidays. These paradises are gifted by God and some of the tourist places in the world are man-made. In recent year, more travellers are hitting the road than ever before. According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international tourist travelling across the world has increased by 5 percent. The boom in travel and tourism around the world is closely linked with recent development in the new destination. Travel and tourism have become the key driver for the socio-economic progress of every country.

Today, the tourism industry has become one of the main sources of income for developing countries. Every year tourist destination grow and shift hand to hand with an increasing diversification and competition among newly created new destination and old tourist heritage. Increasing growth of tourism industry has become equal or even surpassed the food products, oil exports and automobiles industry. New destination of Dubai and Singapore has increased the travellers interest around the world.

Around the world, nature has gifted some best places of attraction where we can spend our vacation and make it memorable for life time. Among all tourist places in the world, some of them are man-made which are attracting a lot of tourist around the globe. There are many countries which are emerging as the best tourist destination but Dubai and Singapore have become the best place to spend their vacation. Ramblor team has shortlisted some top tourist destination which can be your next year plan on vacation.

France is top tourist destination among other countries by its number of visitors coming to see its rich culture and finest places. Its villas and French wine make the strong reason to visit at least once in the lifetime to this country. London and Bangkok are next favourite tourist destination to spend the memorable time of vacation. Their diverse nature and historical places grab the attention of visitors around the world. Going further in tourist places, next destination is Spain. Barcelona and Madrid are the most visited city in Spain. Their beautiful architecture designs of buildings are main parts of the attraction. Apart from the architecture of buildings, Spanish food and wine are must to completely enjoy the stay in Spain.

Our beautiful planet has many other places around the world which can also grab your attention to visit these countries with your dear ones. Next tourist destination in our list is Italy. It is the most famous tourist destination in Europe for honeymooners and romantic souls. Spending vacation here is like spending your life memorable time in paradise with delicious Italian pasta or drinking famous wine in scented air of the country. USA and China are also the favourite lists of the tourist destination. The USA is known for the diversity of nature and modern amenities whereas China is visited by tourist for historical places and Great Wall of China. Last but not the least; we could not miss Seven Wonders of the World. Without it, the entire destination is worthless; you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The seven wonder of the world is Taj Mahal which is located in the heart of India. You should visit here to complete the list of tourist places of the world.

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